The Legend of Dr. Apples

Dr. Apples' legend begins on a day that changed his life forever. On his 16th birthday, his mother, Ms. BaRule, a powerful sorceress in New Orleans, was mysteriously kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a doll. Since that pivotal moment, Dr. Apples has received a doll on his birthday, with his mother's essence. These dolls are keys to unlocking the mystery of her disappearance.

  • Dr. Apples

    A sorcerer on an unyielding quest to find his kidnapped mother. His journey through magical realms is filled with dark fantasy and profound self-discovery.

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  • Lacie

    Dr. Apples' personal assistant on Earth, Lacie is a skilled decoder of ancient texts and mystical clues. Her sharp intellect and unwavering loyalty are pivotal in uncovering the secrets of Dr. Apples’ mysterious world

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  • Mr. Steiner

    A steadfast and enigmatic companion, Mr. Steiner's vast knowledge of the supernatural and his wise counsel guide Dr. Apples through perilous adventures and otherworldly challenges.

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A Journey Across Dimensions

Dr. Apples' quest to find his mother takes him beyond the edges of our world into various planets and dimensions, where he encounters an array of monsters, beings, and timelines. Each adventure brings him one step closer to finding his mother and understanding his own mystical powers.

  • Dr.Apples Podcast

    Dive into the immersive experiences of the Dr. Apples universe, where each episode enriches the lore and adds depth to his adventures.

  • Dr.Apples: The Journey TV Pilot (Script)

    This 30-episode series depicts the ongoing search for Ms. BaRule, blending mystery with magical realism.

  • Dr.Apples: Papercuts

    A web series stop motion animation focusing on Dr. Apples' daily life, infused with adult comedy and surreal encounters.

  • Dr.Apples: Visual Art

    Lacye creates mixed media art dolls that are integral to the Dr. Apples folklore and story; the book series. These dolls also inspire other forms of art.

  • Dr.Apples Book Series:

    Through fantasy, humor, and horror, this series delves into the interconnected stories of characters tied to the central mystery.