A Legacy of Award-Winning Creativity

Step into the world of Dr. Apples and explore a legacy rich with accolades.

This section highlights the diverse array of awards received by the Dr. Apples brand, from groundbreaking podcasts to captivating screenplays and beyond. Celebrate our journey through creativity and innovation as we continue to push the boundaries of art and storytelling.

Discover the recognition and honors that underscore our commitment to excellence in the creative industry. Along with these achievements, Lacye has 100+ selections, placements & awards for her writing.

Dr. Apples: The Journey 

Format: TV Animated Pilot Script 

Overview: "Dr. Apples® Pilot - The Journey" introduces viewers to an eccentric witch doctor on the brink of unraveling the mystery of his mother’s kidnapping by fairies. Assisted by a sarcastic psychic and a loquacious piggy bank, Dr. Apples’ quest spans dimensions, featuring
encounters with aliens, magical mishaps, and psychedelic hurdles. This pilot script is celebrated for its originality and imaginative storytelling in the animated genre.

Dr.Apples Podcast

Format: Audio Podcast

Overview: Episode 9 of the Dr. Apples Podcast series stands out as a testament to exceptional audio storytelling, evidenced by its success in five different competitions. The episode engages listeners with its rich, immersive sound design and compelling voice acting, encapsulating the essence of Dr. Apples’ adventurous and mystical world.

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Dr. Apples: The Origin 

Format: Animated Short Film 

Overview: The animated short film "Dr. Apples: The Origin" delves into the critical moment when a young Dr. Apples discovers his mother's disappearance is the work of nefarious fairies. This film is acclaimed for its poignant narrative and vivid animation, providing a deep dive into the backstory of Dr. Apples’ universe.

Dr. Apples: The Eye 

Format: Short Horror Claymation Script

Overview: "Dr. Apples: The Eye" explores the consequences of unchecked ambition through the story of a teen attempting to amplify his powers with magic, only to face dire outcomes. This claymation film is noted for its creative storytelling and eerie atmosphere, pushing the boundaries of the horror genre.

Dr. Apples: Papercuts 

Format: Paper Stop-Motion Adult Animated Series 

Overview: In "Dr. Apples: Papercuts," our protagonist, along with his unconventional allies, navigates a layered paper reality on a mission to uncover clues about his mother's mysterious disappearance. The series blends witty dialogue with striking paper stop-motion animation, creating a uniquely engaging narrative experience.

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Each project reflects the creative versatility and depth of the Dr. Apples brand, spanning various formats and genres. These achievements not only highlight our dedication to artistic storytelling but also invite viewers and listeners to explore multifaceted narratives and engaging worlds.