Meet Mr. Steiner: The Interdimensional Piggy Bank

Imagine if your pet could talk to you. Introducing Mr. Steiner, a character like no other in the Dr. Apples universe. He is a 4ft tall piggy bank with a British accent, a mean twist in his walk, and a mind as sharp as his wit. Although he may appear as a simple ceramic piggy bank on Earth, in alternate dimensions, Mr. Steiner comes to life, showcasing his invaluable intelligence and quirky charm.

A Quirky and Intelligent Companion

Mr. Steiner is not your average assistant. With a penchant for words like “moist” and “slot” and an odd fascination with his own shape, his humor is as unique as his form. Despite his eccentricities, he is equally intelligent as Dr. Apples, if not more so. His sharp mind and relentless curiosity make him an indispensable ally in their interdimensional adventures.

Guardian of Focus and Research

In his majestic, interdimensional form, Mr. Steiner’s primary mission is to research leads and keep Dr. Apples focused during their journeys. Whether capturing creatures to interrogate or navigating the complexities of alternate dimensions, Mr. Steiner’s support is invaluable. His ability to remain steadfast and non-judgmental, even in the face of Dr. Apples’ flaws, makes him a trusted companion.

The Secret Life of Mr. Steiner

Only Dr. Apples and Lacie are aware of Mr. Steiner’s true existence. On Earth, he remains a ceramic, inanimate piggy bank, but in alternate dimensions, he is a living, breathing entity with dreams and desires. His biggest curiosity lies in the “real world” (Earth), and he often wonders about the sensations of taste and smell—particularly intrigued by the concept of pork and bacon. Shhh, don’t tell him.

A Majestic Interdimensional Entity

In the books, Mr. Steiner is portrayed as a majestic, interdimensional entity whose aid is crucial to Dr. Apples and Lacie’s works. His intelligence and ability to navigate alternate dimensions seamlessly make him an unparalleled asset. Never forget, Mr. Steiner is always one step ahead, and his brilliance is unmatched.

Join Mr. Steiner’s Adventures

Dive into the world of Mr. Steiner and discover the delightful blend of humor, intelligence, and curiosity that defines his character. His interactions with Dr. Apples and Lacie add depth and intrigue to their adventures, making him an essential part of the Dr. Apples universe.

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