Step Into the World of Dr. Apples

Welcome to the exciting world of Dr. Apples, where each voice brings our characters to life and adds depth to our magical universe.

We're looking for talented voice actors who can help us continue to tell captivating stories that enthrall our listeners. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a fresh new talent, we invite you to share your unique voice with us.

Showcase of Excellence

Dr. Apples isn’t just any podcast—it's an award-winning journey through imagination and intrigue. Our series has been recognized with several podcast awards, celebrating our commitment to quality and creativity in storytelling. Feel the prestige and passion that characterize our productions.

Join Us

By applying to become a voice actor for Dr. Apples, you’re not just joining a podcast; you're stepping into a role within a beloved narrative that reaches listeners around the globe. Your voice could be the next to echo through our episodes, engaging fans and bringing our characters to even
greater life.

Due to the volume of submissions, we regret that we cannot contact every applicant. However, if there’s a potential match for an upcoming
role, you will hear from us!

Thank You!

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the Dr. Apples podcast. Your talent and passion for voice acting are what make projects like ours possible. We look forward to potentially welcoming you to our creative team and thank you for your enthusiasm and professionalism.