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Dive into the enchanting world of Dr. Apples through our
captivating podcast series. Each episode is a journey into the mystical, the mysterious, and the downright magical, as we follow the incredible adventures of Dr. Apples—a man whose life took an unexpected turn when fairies kidnapped his mother on his 16th birthday, leaving a doll in her place. With 75 dolls collected and a major clue in hand, we are closer than ever to unraveling this enduring mystery. Join us, and become part of the thrilling quest to find Dr. Apples' mother!

Explore the Layers of Dr. Apples' Podcast.


Step into the immersive world of Dr. Apples with our "Folklore" segment. Narrated with rich music, evocative soundscapes, and dynamic voice acting, this part of the podcast wraps you in a unique atmospheric mood, allowing you to experience the tales of Dr. Apples firsthand.

Prepare to be transported into a realm where every sound tells a story.


Hosted by Lacye A. Brown, the "Interview" segment delves deeper into the themes and social currents woven into Dr. Apples' folklore. With a diverse lineup of guests, these discussions explore the spiritual, social, and personal dimensions that pulse through each episode, offering insights that resonate beyond the tales themselves.

Storytime with Dr. Apples 

Get ready for "Storytime with Dr. Apples" where fun, fantasy, and science fiction collide! Dr. Apples himself recounts his many escapades, each story infused with absurd humor and a touch of the fantastical.

Featuring talented voice actors and a narrative style that’s sure to invoke laughter, this segment celebrates the lighter side of Dr. Apples’ universe.

Game Time 

Join Lacie, Dr. Apples, and occasionally Mr. Steiner in "Game Time," where fun and games take center stage. This series offers a hilarious glimpse into the playful chaos that ensues when our characters come together. It’s not just entertainment—it’s an experience filled with laughter and unexpected twists!

We Want to Hear From You! 

Your thoughts and opinions matter greatly to us. After each chapter and discussion, we invite you to voice your perspectives, engage with us, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue. Whether you choose to speak up or simply listen, your presence enriches our journey.

Based off the Novella....

The "Folklore" segment of the podcast is based off the Novella, Dr. Apples: The Origin, the Eye & the Journey.

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