Meet the charismatic characters behind Dr. Apples' adventures. From allies to adversaries, learn about the heroes and villains that make the universe tick.

Dr. Apples

The Wizard whose mother, was kidnapped by fairies. A man of intellect and mystery, he dedicates his life to finding his mother, discovering not just clues about her disappearance but also about his own identity. His journey is filled with magical realism, dark humor, and the quest for understanding his true self.

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Lacie, Dr. Apples' loyal assistant, is more than just a sidekick. She balances her stern demeanor with a warm heart that deeply cares about Dr. Apples’ mission. Her own mysterious past and reasons for working with Dr. Apples add layers to her character, making her an intriguing enigma to unravel.

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Mr. Steiner

Mr. Steiner, a cunning and sharp-minded alien piggy bank, offers a
blend of menace and charm. His relationship with Dr. Apples provides a dynamic interplay of friend, and loyal pet, challenging Dr. Apples at every turn yet pushing him toward unexpected growth and fun.

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 Miss BaRule

Miss BaRule is known for her no-nonsense calm attitude and profound wisdom. As a gatekeeper of ancient secrets and mystical practices, she has been kidnapped by fairies but her story doesn’t end there.

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 Miss Toutant

Miss Toutant is a powerful, tall, and heavy-set witch from the late 1800s, known for her mastery of dark magic and a stern, cunning nature. Her deep-seated resentment and alliances with sinister beings make her a formidable and secretive adversary to Dr. Apples.

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The enigmatic powerhouse that moves in the shadows but observes all, serves as both a spy and protector. Their loyalty to their quest is unwavering, as they learn to be human.

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 The 75 Dolls

The 75 Dolls are not just objects but carry the essence of Dr. Apples' mother, each holding different attributes and secrets. These dolls are central to the unfolding mystery, each one a puzzle piece in the quest to find his mother.

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