The Vault:

Discover the Enchantment of Dr. Apples' Dolls.

Step into a world where each art doll holds a unique story, crafted with love and imagination by the talented Lacye A. Brown. In this exclusive section, you'll find the enchanting collection of 75 art dolls from the Dr. Apples series: Dr. Apples: A Tale of 75 Apples.

About the Collection

The Dr. Apples collection is a captivating series of 75 one-of-a-kind art dolls, each meticulously handcrafted by Lacye A. Brown. Using various forms of mixed media, these dolls are not just creations; they are embodiments of the magical stories woven into the rich tapestry of the Dr. Apples universe. Currently, 35 of the 75 art dolls have been physically made, with more to come. Each doll is a piece of art, a narrative, and a part of the mystical journey of Dr. Apples.

A Glimpse into the Creation Process

Every art doll in this collection is a labor of love and creativity. Lacye A. Brown blends materials and techniques to bring these characters to life, ensuring that each one is as unique as the story it tells.

The initial mixed media doll is created from thought. Lacye does not sketch or write down the idea of the doll -as she believes it interferes and limits the creativity of the final product of the doll. Once the physical mixed media doll is complete, various styles of the doll are illustrated to tell their story.

The creation process is a testament to the love, creativity, dedication and artistic vision behind Dr. Apples.

The Stories Behind the Dolls

Each doll in the collection has its own tale, intricately linked to the overarching narrative of Dr. Apples. These stories are detailed in the series Dr. Apples: A Tale of 75 Apples, where each character’s journey is explored, adding depth and dimension to the dolls. As you delve into The Vault, you’ll not only admire the artistry but also immerse yourself in the fascinating lore of the Dr. Apples universe.