Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore

In a realm where magic intertwines with reality, "Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore" emerges as a must-listen podcast. This mystical fantasy tale centers around the enigmatic character of Dr. Apples. Embark on a journey filled with intrigue, suspense, and a touch of humor, where each episode unravels a piece of a grander narrative.


 Introduction to the World of Dr. Apples

Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore dives into a universe unlike any other. Here, the story defies the conventional "once upon a time" beginning and instead drops listeners straight into the heart of the action. The podcast, helmed by the intriguing Dr. Apples, promises a narrative rich with mystery and an array of fantastical elements.

The opening of the podcast sets the tone perfectly. Dr. Apples introduces himself, immediately grabbing attention with his quirky and assertive personality. His exchange with Lacie adds a layer of humor and establishes the dynamic between the characters. This banter not only entertains but also prepares the listener for the unusual and captivating story that follows.


 Unveiling the Narrative: There is No Once Upon A Time

In the world of Dr. Apples, perfection is a myth, and the story is perpetually in motion. The narrative begins with a firm declaration: "There is no once upon a time. This is a story." This opening line challenges traditional storytelling norms and sets the stage for an adventure filled with twists and turns.

As Lacie narrates, listeners are introduced to a young Dr. Apples. At 16, he is already a figure of curiosity and enigma. His homecoming scene, laden with suspense and subtle details, paints a vivid picture of his surroundings. The meticulous description of his environment, from the damp grass to the squeaky wooden floors, immerses the audience in his world.


 The Mysterious Trickery and the Search for Answers

Dr. Apples' return home is met with an unsettling calm. The pristine state of his house contrasts sharply with his expectation of mischief. This juxtaposition fuels his suspicion and drives the narrative forward. His interactions with his surroundings are not just about observation; they reflect his inner turmoil and growing paranoia.

The suspense heightens as Dr. Apples grapples with the inexplicable situation. His internal monologue, filled with frustration and confusion, reveals a mind teetering on the edge. The podcast masterfully captures his emotional journey, drawing listeners deeper into his psyche.


 A Glimpse into the Mind Games

The podcast doesn't shy away from the complexity of Dr. Apples' thoughts. As he contemplates the bizarre circumstances, his mind wanders through various scenarios. This introspective dive not only enriches his character but also engages the audience, making them co-conspirators in unraveling the mystery.

His realization that he might be the architect of his own confusion adds a fascinating layer to the story. This twist challenges the listener to consider the possibility of self-deception and the thin line between reality and illusion.


The Search for His Mother

Dr. Apples' concern for his missing mother injects urgency into the narrative. His abrupt transition from passive contemplation to active search is a pivotal moment. The description of his mother's room, meticulously detailed and eerily pristine, adds to the mounting tension.

The introduction of the enigmatic pillow with the carved ornament marks a significant turning point. This object, imbued with mystical significance, bridges the gap between the mundane and the supernatural. Dr. Apples' interaction with the doll is a masterclass in suspense, each movement laden with anticipation.


A Touch of the Supernatural

As Dr. Apples touches the doll, the story takes a decidedly supernatural turn. The podcast brilliantly conveys the sensory experience—his physical and emotional reactions—to the listeners. The vivid depiction of the vibrations and the overwhelming aroma of Casablanca lily pull the audience deeper into the mystical realm.


This moment is more than just a plot device; it's a profound connection between Dr. Apples and his mother. The fusion of the mystical with the deeply personal elevates the narrative, making it not just a fantasy tale but a story about human connection and loss.


 The Ongoing Journey


The podcast concludes with a tantalizing promise of more to come. The outro by Lacie and Dr. Apples leaves listeners craving the next installment. Their playful sign-off, combined with the enigmatic hint of another dimension, ensures that the audience remains hooked.

Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore is more than just a podcast; it's an immersive experience. The blend of humor, suspense, and fantasy creates a unique narrative that defies expectations. Listeners are not just passive recipients of a story but active participants in a thrilling adventure.


 The Allure of Dr. Apples' Universe

The world of Dr. Apples is rich with possibilities. Each episode peels back another layer of the character and his surroundings. The narrative structure, which eschews traditional beginnings and endings, mirrors the unpredictability of life itself.


This podcast is a testament to the power of storytelling. It challenges listeners to embrace the unknown, to revel in the twists and turns, and to find meaning in the journey rather than the destination.


 Dive into the Mystical World

For those who seek an escape from the ordinary, "Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore" offers a gateway to a fantastical realm. Subscribe now to join Dr. Apples on his next adventure. Visit for more magical madness and become part of a community that celebrates the extraordinary.



What is "Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore" about?

The podcast is a mystical fantasy narrative centered around the enigmatic character of Dr. Apples. It defies traditional storytelling norms and immerses listeners in a world filled with suspense, humor, and supernatural elements.


Who is Dr. Apples?

Dr. Apples is the protagonist of the podcast. At 16, he is a figure of curiosity and enigma, navigating a world that blends reality with the supernatural. His adventures form the core of the narrative.


Why should I listen to this podcast?

This podcast offers a unique storytelling experience. It combines humor, suspense, and fantasy to create an immersive narrative. Each episode unveils new mysteries and keeps listeners engaged with its unpredictable twists.


Is there a traditional storyline in this podcast?

No, the podcast eschews traditional beginnings and endings. Instead, it drops listeners directly into the action, creating a dynamic and engaging narrative that reflects the unpredictability of life.


Where can I listen to the podcast?

You can listen to "Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore" on various podcast platforms. Visit [ HERE ]  to listen.


What makes this podcast different from others?

The podcast's unique narrative structure, combined with its blend of humor, suspense, and fantasy, sets it apart. It offers an immersive experience that challenges listeners to embrace the unknown and find meaning in the journey.



"Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore" is a podcast that defies conventions and captivates its audience. With a protagonist as intriguing as Dr. Apples, listeners are guaranteed a thrilling and magical experience. Subscribe today and dive into a world where every moment is filled with mystery and wonder.

Don't miss out on the magical madness of Dr. Apples. Subscribe to "Folklore: There is No Once Upon A Time in This Folklore" now and join an unforgettable adventure. Visit [ HERE ] and be part of a community that cherishes the extraordinary.

Feel free to listen on Itunes as well [ HERE ]

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ElleJ B

Loving the unique storytelling approach. No “once upon a time” needed here. Just pure magic and mystery.


I love how the podcast challenges traditional storytelling norms. It’s unique and incredibly engaging.


The supernatural elements in the podcast are handled so well. It’s creepy in the best way possible!


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